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  1. Eliminate Swing Thoughts: How to Stop Playing Golf Swing - The Left Rough.
  2. Rising From the Ashes.
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But what unites us all is that we have fun doing it. That means playing the game and recognising what you enjoy about it. The ability to play well will develop over time.

Seek out facilities like Top Golf and TrackMan simulator studios that allow you to enjoy the game without losing balls and taking up your whole day. They often have equipment you can hire too. Tee it forward and progress back as you improve.


Simply put, seek out a coach. Getting married, having children and maintaining lifelong friendships all require a commitment of appropriate time and resource. The key is to understand the value of the investment. To sum up: start playing, learn the nuances of the game, learn how to play better, invest some time, invest some money, and stay connected to why you play. If you have any questions for Oliver, leave them in the comments below or you can find him on Twitter.

How to get into golf: A simple four-point plan for beginners | National Club Golfer

How to get into golf: A simple four-point plan for beginners. Coach Oliver Morton shares his simple tips on the best ways to get started in our beautiful game by Oliver Morton October 1, Tips. How important is a pre-shot routine? Over time, it has morphed into a determinant of difficulty, especially in professional tournament golf.

Consider three USGA championships hosted at historic venues in Laura Davies won the U. And Brooks Koepka captured the U. Open at Shinnecock Hills at 4-under. To a casual observer, it might appear that Chicago Golf Club was the easiest setup. A closer look, however, reveals that Davies, Jimenez, and Koepka each won with the same total score, Since the advent of par in , technological advancements have expanded the dimensions of the game.

For instance, until recent decades, the iconic 6th and 18th holes at Pebble Beach held true as par 5s, traditionally defined.

Both required three well-struck shots between the tee and the green. This year at Pebble Beach, two ideal shots would get every player in the field to the 6th and 18th greens. In the modern professional game, there is no reason to consider these holes par 5s.

Learn to Golf

Because the governing bodies have failed to regulate equipment properly, our most iconic U. Open venue has only one true par 5, the 14th.

Golf Swing Made Simple: Learn The 2-6 Inch Golf Swing

So what options do we have? For the U. On a calm, windless day, great players are shooting a couple under, not five or six. If the wind blows and the course has firm turf and tucked pins, players will be over par. Yes, everyone will find a par under 70 an odd sight.