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This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. If you get your just deserts , something bad happens to you that you deserve because of something bad you have done. Justice and fairness. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Deserving and deserved.

Translations of get your just deserts in Chinese Traditional. Ethan's story is slightly cliched, but most stories are, what matters is what is in between the pages, the way the character gets through it and the way he owns his life. I think what makes a story like this bad is when it feels rushed and fake, I felt that Ethan was a realistic character but I felt that the rest of the story was too hurried, as if the story was trying to more on without him. I think for Ethan the real turning point had to be becoming lost in the desert and spinning like a lighthouse, barely conscious, and then he seen the Terminator and his guide looking for him.

I think that was the biggest turning point for him. I think the ending of this book was almost poetic, I loved the bond between the characters and the authors notes at the back of the book. Though I liked this book okay I wouldn't say it is the best survival, coming of age stories I've ever read. It did stick with me for a little while, I loved that I actually learned about long distance running, funny enough I read this book pretty fast, in about three or so days, and mainly at the gym.

I would suggest you get this for any young boys in your family, Ethan really turns out to come into himself. I'd love to know what you thought of it. You have to admit that the relationship between Ethan and Le Orange was pretty awesome, though did it remind anyone else vaguely of Tom Hanks and Wilson? Just curious.

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Feb 20, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in I liked this book a lot more than I expected to when I first started. My initial reaction was "what parent would drop their child off in the desert all alone, this is so unrealistic", but as soon as he came across Larson and the rest of his teammates, I started to become more and more intrigued by Ethan's journey. I even teared up in the last chapter, not that it takes much to make me cry, but I did find that the further I dove into the book, the more emotionally invested I became. I, too, was p I liked this book a lot more than I expected to when I first started.

I, too, was proud of Ethan! If you're thinking about reading this book, I would definitely recommend it!

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May 14, Bradley rated it really liked it. Review book club In the fiction novel, Just Deserts by Eric Walters, there is a boy named Ethan, he has bad habits and bad attitude. It is one teen, one desert and one epic journey. This novel is all based on the present day. Ethan has to make it to this curtain spot called Tunis in a three weeks stand. Ethan meets a guy named Larson and few other people like Kajsa, Connor and Andy.

The Fairly OddParents - You Doo / Just Desserts - Ep. 60

All throug Review book club In the fiction novel, Just Deserts by Eric Walters, there is a boy named Ethan, he has bad habits and bad attitude. Ethan is a very unfriendly person and he has bad problems and attitude. This makes it hard for him to make friends. He also lost his mom so I believe that is why he is always being rude and disrespectful to other people like his father. He has a problem with alcohol and he is snobby and irresponsible with his behavior and what he does. He has only one friend and that is the orange that they gave him. There was a guy named Larson in the book and he was their tour guide throughout the book.

He has crossed the desert three times before this time and he can also predict the weather. He shows Ethan that he can be a better person by starting over in life. There is Kajsa and she is a very strange girl. My opinion for this book is that it is slow at first but improves by the middle of the book. This book was interesting and showed me that if you ever make mistakes you can always recover.

Also it told me that you should never be rude to your parents because they can always do something to get you back later in life. I think that this book is mostly for everyone because it is a way to show that you can recover from bad mistakes. I give this book a four out of five because they ending of the book was very bland. The author could have improved on their conclusion to just deserts.

Just Deserts

May 07, Curtis Leger rated it it was amazing. This book here is well written and it gets you interested within the first few pages. He makes the story easy to understand and still interesting. He is an expert on this book topic because he actually did the hike they do in the story. This book is a fictional story for young adults about adventure and self Review of Just Deserts Author Eric Walters Review by Curtis Leger Have you ever struggled to find a book that suits you?

This book is a fictional story for young adults about adventure and self-discovery. It is character driven because you want to see if Ethan will go through a major change and how he will deal with obstacles in his way. Through the book, you learn what a team is and how to make good friends. The main purpose of this book is to show how to be independent. Eric Walters writes the book in first person. He is very good at writing in first person because he makes you feel as though the character is talking to you directly.

This makes you feel like you know them personally. He gives the characters a believable background. He makes them all have different reasons for doing things and they all have different goals to accomplish. The paragraphs are well structured and easy to read but keep you interested. His chapters are not too long which makes reading the book easier and a quicker read. Even though he did not have large descriptive paragraphs or any illustrations, you are able to make a perfect image in your head of what the characters are doing and what the scene looks like.

The ideal audience for this book is young adults.

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I recommend this book because it was easy to understand, you can relate to one of the several characters and the topic was interesting. I would buy this book ten times over.

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May 08, Deven rated it really liked it. Why do we read books like Just Deserts by Eric Walters? The topic of the book would have to be coming of age or overcoming obstacles. The genre would be realistic fiction mainly because Eric Walters did walk across the Sahara desert. The purpose of the book is to tell us that anything is possible and that people can change.