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For example, cancer operates at a specific frequency of light. The Spirit of human life forms hardness of the heart with light and transmits blessing or cursing to the soul and body. Divine punishment originates with God.

5 Ways to Tell if You Have a Hard Heart

Treating physical symptoms while ignoring the hand of God as per Western medicine, is itself a sign of hardness of the heart. Use of Satanic healers is even worse. Lukewarm Rev The solution to hardness of heart is to execute the Spiritual life under Divine punishment until the problem is removed by Grace 1 Pet ; Rev This is analogous to exercise 1 Cor ; 1 Tim Removal of hardness of heart is called circumcision of the heart Deut ; ; Jer , 26; Rom , 29; Col Nehemiah ,17,26 But they and our fathers dealt proudly, and hardened their necks, and hearkened not to thy commandments, ….

New International Version "It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law," Jesus replied.


Berean Literal Bible But Jesus said to them, "He wrote this commandment for you because of your hardness of heart; New American Standard Bible But Jesus said to them, "Because of your hardness of heart he wrote you this commandment. King James Bible And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept. Christian Standard Bible But Jesus told them, "He wrote this command for you because of the hardness of your hearts. Contemporary English Version Jesus replied, "Moses gave you this law because you are so heartless. Good News Translation Jesus said to them, "Moses wrote this law for you because you are so hard to teach.

The hard-hearted are not watchful against stumbling others. They do not love others; are not careful for their well-being. They are so set upon having their own will and their own way, and securing their own ends, that they are very reckless of their influence, whether they stumble others or not. They will speak against Christians, and against ministers, and in many ways say that which is calculated in the highest degree to prejudice others against religion, against truth, against God.

When they have stumbled others, the hard-hearted are not willing to take up the stumbling blocks by making full confession and setting all right. They are too proud to do this.

Hardness of the Heart

They do not care enough about the evil they have done, to hasten with all earnestness to remove the stumbling blocks out of the way. The hard-hearted have no true brotherly love. They do not feel for Christ's people, or feel for Christ's church. They can see the state of religion low, meetings poorly attended, but little of the spirit of prayer in the church, sinners remaining unconverted, and Christ dishonored in the house of his friends; and neither sigh nor cry in view of such a state of things. They are so taken up with their self-seeking ways as to have little thought of Christ's dishonor, or the soul's ruin.

They live on in an unfeeling, unconcerned manner, while hundreds around them are perishing in sin. From what has been said, some of you can see why it is that you have so little feeling on religious subjects. Some of you profess to be in a state of consecration to God, who manifest no feeling for the souls around you.

Now, do you not see that you are deceived, that your hearts are hard? Your will is after all committed to self-pleasing, and not to pleasing God. You see the secret of alienation among brethren. Their hearts are hard. Now they cannot see alike. Being in this hardened state, every one sees everything in the light, or rather in the darkness, of his own selfishness and self-will. Each one has but a poor opinion of the other; each one justifies himself and condemns the other.

They have no Christian confidence, for they have really no Christian character. Hardness of heart is often the ruin of families. If members of the same family become stubborn and willful, of course everything is ajar in the family. If the father or mother, or both, become hard-hearted toward each other, it will scatter desolation throughout all the family. Everything will go wrong; tempers wrong, words wrong--no loving government or influence, but all will be desolate. Hardness of heart is often the curse and ruin of churches.

Sometimes a deacon, or some prominent member of the church, has a hard heart.

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He is self-willed, opinionated; does not care for the church half as much as he cares for himself. Perhaps two of the deacons will become hardened; and then be striving with each other; create division in the church; stand in the way of the influence of the pastor; stir up a party spirit in the church; and all will be moral desolation. Until those deacons have their hearts softened, nothing can be done to counteract their influence.

If in such cases the church could kindly and with unanimity set them aside, the difficulty in some measure could be obviated. But if the deacons or leading members become hardened, it is very likely that they will be instrumental in hardening others; and then wo[e] to the minister, wo[e] to the parish, wo[e] to the church! Many seem really given over to hardness of heart and blindness of mind. This is an awful state to be in. It is awful to the subject of it.

A hard-hearted person is in a most deplorable state; in a most unhappy state; in a most guilty state; in a state fatal to his salvation, if he abides in it. He will be blind to the wants of the people, and unloving and unfeeling in his treatment of them. He will inevitably do them infinitely more harm than good. And it is an evil thing for a minister to have a hard-hearted church, and a hard-hearted congregation.

They will probably starve him, neglect him, abuse him, tie his hands and prevent his usefulness, break him down and destroy his influence--or drive him away to seek a people that will receive the gospel. From this subject we see how to account for the astonishing blindness of some persons. It is very striking, sometimes, to see what strange delusions people are laboring under. They seem to be totally blind to their moral state. You cannot persuade them to look into the matter so thoroughly as to understand themselves.

If you examine the matter to the bottom, you will find them committed to some false position; consequently, hardened and blinded.

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Or rather, their hardness consists in their committal to this false position; and their blindness is its natural result. While the heart is hard, everything, almost, is seen in a false light. The full impression of no truth is received; and much that is admitted is by no means felt or realized. Delusion is the inevitable consequence.

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In this state persons will justify that which will shock others immeasurably. Fanatics are always hard-hearted. Fanaticism is not to be confounded with enthusiasm. Enth[u]siasm is over-heated zeal; a zeal amounting sometimes almost to insanity. Yet it may be kind and beautiful, were it not exaggerated.

Fanaticism is a state of mind in which the malignant element predominates; in which the malign emotions are fanned into a flame and take the control of the will. A fanatic is always hard-hearted, severe, censorious, cruel. Paul was in a state of fanaticism when he persecuted the church of God. They were fanatics of whom Christ said, "The days will come when he that killeth you will think that he doeth God-service.

Persecutors are always fanatics, and they are always hard-hearted. Paul, in his fanaticism and hard-heartedness, "verily thought that he ought to do many things, contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth. The malign emotions having control of the will, the soul is in a false position, and can think itself doing God service in hunting and betraying the innocent.

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Fanatics feel, but not charitably, not kindly. Even in prayer, or conversation, or preaching, or exhortation, the very tones of the voice, the gestures, the looks, manifest the hardness of the heart. They do not speak tenderly or compassionately. If they have occasion to probe the conscience, to reprove or rebuke, they do not do it benevolently, but malevolently. They seem to take a pleasure in rebuke. They mistake their fanatical unkindness for Christian faithfulness. A hard heart will so manifest itself in speaking, and praying, and doing everything, as to force upon tender minds a spirit of protest.

Tender hearts cannot receive it, cannot fellowship it. You will always observe, if in a congregation there are a number of hard hearts, that they will sympathize with anything that is hard-hearted, either in speaking or praying; while, on the contrary, with the tender spirits these remarks and prayers will force a protest and a recoil. They cannot fellowship them; cannot be interested in them; cannot receive the fanatical and hard-hearted remarks that have been made, or spirit that has been manifested.

We see why it is that some persons are always so full of fault-finding. They never seem to be kind, loving, forbearing. They do not yearn over those that are out of the way, and love them back to obedience; but they scold; they find fault; the very language of their speaking and praying but repels those whom they would try to win. Ministers sometimes become hard-hearted, and by their fault-finding and scolding manner drive the church away rather than win them back to Christ.

They do not, like a good shepherd, go before their sheep and lead them, but undertake to drive them. In this they greatly err; and it is generally owing to the hardness of their hearts. If they get melted down, they will take a different course, and a different result will almost certainly follow. I knew a minister who had been regarded as a very faithful man, but he had no revival for a long time. He preached from sternness to his church, and as they said, scolded them; but the more fault he found with them the more occasion he had to find fault, for the worse they became. But he came to where there was a revival, became convicted, saw his mistake, went home to his people at the close of the week, and on Sabbath morning went into the pulpit to preach to them.

Before he began to preach, he commenced to make confession of his hardness of heart and blindness of mind.

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