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Identify the salesperson who's best at it within your company and ask if you can shadow a few of their calls. Learning from your peers is a great way to get better at your job while building strong relationships with your coworkers. Excellent small talk is a learned skill -- and one that's crucial to salespeople's success.

Whether you're at housewarming party or a networking event, practice making other people feel at ease. Notice what makes them open up, zone out, and laugh, and take what you learn back to the office. So much of sales pop culture glorifies the lone wolf in sales. But the best salespeople know it takes a village to build a career and a successful sales team. Help your colleagues, and know when to ask for help -- that's the key to a long, fulfilling sales career.

Are you wasting too much time on deals that just aren't that into you? The days of telling customers anything to close are over. Don't promise a feature that doesn't exist yet, a price you can't deliver on, or a service your company can't do well. This might earn you a close, but it won't keep their business, and you'll end up with bad reviews and poor word of mouth.

Plus, new research shows honesty can actually help you lead a happier life. Similarly, don't oversell your customer on services or features they don't need, just to bump up your number. You won't win every deal, and some buyers just won't like you. That's part of being in sales. And while it's important to be thoughtful about how you can improve, it's crucial to move on easily from rejection. Experts suggest viewing rejection as proof you're pushing the limits. So, examine why you weren't successful with your prospect, ask for outside opinions when appropriate, and move forward quickly and positively to bigger and better deals.

Successful salespeople know the easiest close often comes from a referral. Sales pro Marc Wayshack recommends asking for one introduction every day. The social proof is already there, initial outreach is direct, and sales cycles are often shorter.

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Once you've closed successful business, always ask for a referral and follow up quickly on those leads. Salespeople experience more highs and lows in a single week than most professionals do in an entire month. Some days, you feel invincible. Other days, you wonder if you even belong in sales. The successful reps have learned to manage their emotions and stay somewhere in the middle. When things are going really well, and almost all of their deals are closing, they remind themselves not to get too cocky.

When business dies down, they tell themselves not to become demoralized: Sales will pick up soon if they keep chugging. In sales, activity is often correlated with results. The more emails you send, the more meetings you book.

Sales Prospecting Techniques

The more meetings you book, the more demos you set. The more demos you set, the more deals you close. Following this line of thought, many salespeople end up working hour days every weekday and even putting in time on the weekends. Not only is this bad for your mental and physical health, it's also unproductive.

Breaks are scientifically proven to boost memory, focus, and the quality of your ideas. If you're regularly burning the candle at both ends, you'll eventually burn out. And plus, how much are you actually getting done between and at night? That time would be better spent reading, talking to your friends or family, watching TV or playing video games, cooking, walking your dog -- basically, anything that gives your brain a break.

Think you can get away with five or six hours of sleep? Think again. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per night. The most effective salespeople actually use their product and believe in its value. Every top salesperson has a burning reason for showing up to work every day and giving it their all.

Maybe they need to prove to themselves they can do well in sales. Instead, top reps touch base frequently with their customers to seek feedback and provide tactical suggestions. Dan Tyre, one of the best salespeople I know, is a relationship builder. As a salesperson, relationships are your capital.

An effective salesperson prepares before a call. That means they do research on their prospect and gather all the information before a big customer meeting. Top reps don't wing it. They go in with a plan and a contingency plan.

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This way, they anticipate challenges or questions and prepare an effective response to avoid losing the sale. Successful reps are always looking for potential customers -- at parties, networking events, dinners, and so on.

20 Stupid Sales Tactics to Abandon in (and What to Do Instead)

Turning up at the last minute like some rockstar might seem cool, but not to your prospects. You should know them, the product, and all the potential questions they might ask. If that happens, I want you to repeat the following magical, ancient incantation:. But those kind of prospects were always going to be trouble anyway.

However, many more will respect your honesty. A lot of this will depend on the source of the data. Using a scraper usually works better, but could still have missing information or obviously fake details. Building the list by yourself manually is the most time-consuming option, but also the best way of being sure the data you have is accurate.

20 Sales Management Strategies to Lead Your Sales Team to Success [Infographic]

As you should be checking the information yourself anyway, this will likely still save time in the long run and save embarrassing mistakes or potentially wrecking your sender domain reputation. You still need to make sure the information is clean and ready for upload. Usually, SDRs should spend most of their time on list cleaning, normalizing and standardizing all fields. Stationed out of the trenches, the sales manager has the job of coordinating a team effort. To the outside, it may seem easy, but keeping the sales team running smoothly is no easy task, and comes with its own selection of nightmares.

They look the part, they answered all the questions correctly and even brought cookies along to the interview. But a few months in and their only success has been bringing more cookies. Are they struggling to find leads, or struggling to close them? Sit in on one of their meetings and observe their pitch, and see if you can pinpoint any issues. Arrange for additional training where you identify a need. Like not feeding a Mogwai after midnight, the best way to avoid trouble is to deal with issues like this before they come up.

Keep your eyes on your team, their productivity and their behavior. Personal problems can quickly become work problems that affect the entire team, so keep an eye out for bad attitudes and low morale. If a salesperson refuses your support and continues acting like the colleague from hell, in the worst case that means they have to go. As a result, those firms are also more likely to have stronger levels of teamwork, while also enjoying a higher total team quota attainment.

Why is it people in scary movies make such bad decisions? Define the exact actions you need to take, then work through them methodically. No nightmares for you, right? Well with great power comes greater opportunities for things to go wrong.

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You thought having a rubbish salesperson on the team made things tricky? Try having a rubbish sales manager in charge of them. A poor salesperson can hurt your sales—a poor sales manager can destroy them. How can you tell a bad sales manager? Look out for managers who spend their time selling. No, you wanted a manager; someone who would oversee the team, who could get the most out of your salespeople while taking care of potential problems before they become serious ones. Sales Directors have to look into the future and identify valuable emerging markets, while avoiding any stagnation in the marketplace.

Like the Mummy rising from the crypt, some teams are relying on software that should have died a long time ago. Also, like the Mummy, ancient software carries its own curse. Aberdeen reported that early adopters of sales tech enjoyed significantly better lead acceptance than their non-early adopter counterparts.

You may have convinced yourself that saving money by using old software is a good thing, but the research shows those using the latest technology enjoy the advantage. Try a day free trial today.

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