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Chocolate for breakfast is always a great idea, and when those chocolate brownies are wholegrain and naturally sweetened, they are perfect for both adults and kids. There are no added fats in this recipe either, making them a perfectly healthy choice for breakfast. This is a great recipe to get the kids involved. Stack slices of dough rubbed with garlic and herbs into a loaf pan, and watch the magic as the loaf rises and bakes into gorgeous golden-brownness. The smell as this bakes is amazing.

Get the kids to pick fresh cherry tomatoes from your summer yard, or buy them at the market, to make this absolutely gorgeous and super-simple, no-cook tomato sauce. This was one of the first recipes I tried out on Jay that had in it both tofu and broccoli.

I felt rather sneaky but guess what? He loved it! It is still one of the recipes he most often requests. This has fast become one of our family favorites and everyone loves it, adult and kid. Crispy, golden, crunchy tater tots sit atop a creamy sauce chock-full of vegan sausage and veggies. This is a winner with kids and adults. Creamy alfredo sauce with roasted mushrooms on a bed of fettuccine pasta. Either of these two recipes is great by itself, or paired with other sides, but together they make a power flavor combo.


The sweet-tangy-spicy mango curry is a perfect complement to the savory fried rice. Your kids will be asking for more. This stew is basically a giant pot of peanut butter with tasty bits of veggies inside, including — hold your breath — okra and eggplant.

No kid can resist, guaranteed. Get the kids to smash them for you— not too hard! Spuds are healthy when cooked the healthy way, but if you want to take a break from them, try these plantain fries instead. They bake up crispy and golden, and you can even make them oil-free. Roasting root veggies is a great way to get some healthiness into your kid. The starch in the root veggies, sprinkled with a few spices like turmeric, makes them crunchy and tasty.

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If red beets make your kid go ewwwww , try feeding them these roasted golden beets instead. These sweet potato skins with a creamy sauce of cashews and spices drizzled on it is so delicious, you can serve it up as a snack. But it also makes a great side for burgers or veggie dogs. Kids like crunchy foods, and when you can make them without any oil, they can have as many as they please. These pakoras can be baked or made on a griddle, and they are as tasty as they are fun. One more fun way to get veggies into your little ones and yourself, these vegetable cutlets are crispy on the outside and creamy and veggie-filled on the inside.

A creamy, delicious potato filling, crispy, green-gold stalks of asparagus, all of it encased in a flaky, crunchy, golden filo crust. This is heaven on a plate, and your kids will love it. Crunchy, delicious, and healthy. The crunchy chickpeas are an added bonus. More crunchy pakoras, once again baked. These asparagus pakoras are mindblowing, but you can use this technique and batter to make pakoras with all kinds of veggies, including potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, green beans, and onions. This one is something of a no-brainer.

Golden rolls of pizza dough wrapped around marinara sauce. They smell so good, you might have trouble saving some for the kids. I love that this recipe is wholegrain and filled with berries. This is just a really fun recipe to make with your kids, and it has all the delicious flavors of an apple pie. They are a real fun way to get healthy, exotic foods into your kids. I love these zucchini quinoa cakes, but not as much as my little one does.

He can eat them all because they are crunchy and delicious, and I could feed them all to him because they are really good for him. Sprouted mung bean burgers. On whole wheat vegan buns. Layered with veggies. What more do you want? An easy way to cram more veggies into the little tummy, by encasing them in a crispy, crackly puff pastry crust.

Another recipe that uses a flaky vehicle to deliver a ton of veggies. These vegan baked chimichangas in filo pastry are as easy to put together, as they are yummy to eat.

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Chickpeas, roasted to a crisp with salt, lemon, and spices. He never even knew they were in there, because he was busy thinking he had hit the lunchbox jackpot with the golden pastry crust and crunchy chickpeas. Sometimes, you just have to eat a doughnut.

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A real doughnut. And your kids definitely agree. These brioche doughnuts are homemade, so they are certainly better for your kids than the storebought ones, and although they are decadent, they are a treat both you and they deserve after all of that healthy eating. When you want dessert to feel clean, reach for one of these shortbread cookies. There is absolutely nothing in here that is not great for you or your kids.

Serve them up with a glass of nondairy milk and watch them disappear. These doughnuts are healthy, but no one could really tell because they are covered in a delicious apple pie glaze. I will just let you look at that picture and salivate. Gluten, eggs, dairy, yeast, sugar, processed foods and alcohol are but a few things you should avoid ingesting, as these often irritate the gut. Even worse are genetically modified foods such as soy, corn, papaya though non GMO papaya is great for the gut , peanuts and specific grains — the fact is that the glyphosate applied to these GMO foods is designed to act as a pesticide by exploding the guts of insects.

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But guess what? When you eat glyphosate-saturated foods, these kill off your gut bacteria. Many people are still under the illusion that they need to consume dairy in order to build a healthy digestive system. There are lots of wonderful gut-healing foods you can enjoy on a vegan diet, such as coconut yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso and even vegan probiotic supplements. Many of us are creatures of habit, so it can feel overwhelming changing our diets. Load your fridge with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens and grains that are easy to digest such as gluten-free oats, quinoa and millet.

Healthy fats will help sustain your energy levels, and foods such as avocado, chia, hemp seeds, coconut and raw nut butters are rich in these. You may laugh, but believe it or not, the quality of sleep you get has a big impact on your digestive system. When you sleep, it gives your digestive organs the time to both replenish and restore and detoxify the body to eliminate wastes from the day before whilst you sleep peacefully.

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Gurgling, gas and bloating are signs you may be not be getting enough sleep at night. Stress can have a huge impact on your health and one place that really suffers is your gut.

Many of us reach for junk food when stressed, but try to avoid eating at all during these times. Eating when stressed can affect digestions in a negative way, so try to manage stress in an efficient way. Gentle exercise is also a good way to help your bowels move, but even some calming exercises such as yoga and meditation can help to boost your mood. Setting aside time each day to eat and see how much better you feel for doing so. The more time you give your gut to rest, the better. So eat something light at dinner time, and make it early.

Kombucha Scoby Live Culture — to make kombucha tea.